Our engineering team is available to assist in all aspects of your project, from the concept to the end product, ensuring your concept becomes a reality.

Laser Cutting

AMWP utilizes two state of the art Amada production lasers. The introduction of high speed lasers has opened the door to processing thicker materials and made it possible to cut much more complex profiles. AMWP has the potential of cutting up to 1" Steel, 3/8" Stainless Steel, and 3/8" Aluminum.


The advent of turret punches in the 1970's created an opportunity for manufactures to produce parts with consistent repeatablility, and to hold previously unheard of tolerances. AMWP currently utilizes two high speed Amada Turret Punches. These machines turn out thousands of parts a day, at a rate of up to 900 hits per minute. AMWP can punch up to 22 ton capacity, 3 ½" hole diameter, and 48" x 100" bed size.


From simple brackets to intricate housings, AMWP's forming capabilities will yield high quality parts, with our state of the art equipment and experienced personnel. AWMP is able to form up to a 13' bed length and a capacity of 50 ton to 175 ton dual axis.


Our shearing is top notch. AMWP can shear up to a 12' bed length, 0.250" steel, 0.187" stainless steel. This machine runs quick and efficient up to 50 strokes per minute.


AMWP offers a comprehensive range of welding and fabrication services. We have the experience to complete any task from fabricating close tolerances to large structural projects. Our experienced team of welders are AWS certified. AMWP fabrication is able to do Mig/Tig welding, spot welding and structural steel.

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"On behalf of my entire staff, I would like to sincerely thank you and your staff for all of the extra effort and time that your company has given to Leviton The time that you spent helping to train our employees, offering to warehouse our Macro inventories and consistently meeting our timely demands are just a few of your excellent services that make you one of Leviton's most highly valued vendors."

- Richie Westfall